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latest trendy spot – Clarke’s

Sometimes we get texted reviews that we simply can’t improve on, drum roll the latest sms:
had a smoked tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich there for lunch, which hit the spot. american diner style with a minimalist Nordic edge. should try their burgers.

We will of course let you know if it is “off the hook” and “outa bounds” once we have officially pulled a Triple D style visit.


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3 May 2012 at 2:34 pm

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Not yet legendary, but warming up: Mitico

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Address: Mitico Pizzeria, Kloof Street (next to Hudson’s, where St Elmo’s used to be).

Imali: ± I can’t remember, but cheap (thanks Voronki). Take you own booze – free corkage for now.

Gianni Vigliotti, the restaurateur at Mitico, is worried: “How’s the pasta? Al dente? Do you like al dente? I find South Africans, they like their pasta cooked, hnng? Overcooked. Too soft.”

He shakes his head, pulling his mouth in mild distaste.

We nod drunkenly enthusiastic, appreciatively, because the penne al arrabiata is delicious – al dente, and bursting with a sauce that is layered: pungent tomato and hot chilli that doesn’t sear, but which lingers on the tongue. For such a basic sauce, it’s rich, but also not oily.

We were at Mitico, Voronki and I, to have an impromptu celebratory drink with food after some good news on the publishing front concerning the Black South-Eater’s poetic endeavours. Mitico is new – it opened last week – so it might be some time before the place lives up to part of its name (“mitico” means “mythical”, but also “legendary” and, in colloquial speech, just “fantastic” or “marvellous”).

Mitico doesn’t have it’s liquor license yet, so there is no corkage charge. In fact, when we discovered this and as we had arrived dry, we hesitated. But the waiter suggested we get some drinks across the road. Which we did – some Darling Brew Bonecrusher (lulz)* and Solms Cape Jazz Shiraz – and which meant that our drinks bill was low.

Service was friendly, if a bit slow and inattentive, but we’ll forgive them that for now. Gianni, on the other hand, was anxiously busy, touting the place at the sidewalk entrance, talking to tables, making sure anybody didn’t need anything.

I suppose the best way to test a pizzeria is to go for the classics: Caprese salad starter, a salami, mushroom and olive pizza (the waiter encouraged we try the pizza), and the penne al arrabiata. I’ll eat the caprese, but I’m not a fan of it. I mean, yes, tomato, basil, mozzarella – it’s good and you can’t go wrong and it washes down well with the sparkling Shiraz, but I always think the caprese is more colour than anything else. (By the way, the wine goes well with anything, but I particularly like it with a cheddar or any stronger cheese.)

Caprese done, we lingered before ordering the other two dishes.

But the pizza! I haven’t been to Massimo’s Pizza Club, but whatever Massimo has to offer in faraway Hout Bay (and I trust all the reports I’ve been getting), I believe that Gianni has it on offer right here in Kloof Street. So, mindful that Massimo could trump Gianni, the pizza at Mitico is the best pizza I’ve eaten in Cape Town. I’ve never been a fan of Col Cacchio, I haven’t tasted the pizza at Il Leone, etc., and, recently, I wasn’t impressed by Baccini’s. But I’ll be back for more pizza at Mitico.

It’s thin without splintering like a cracker, it’s not over-loaded with mozarella, the tomato sauce base is simple, never sweet, mildly tart, and the salami is good quality salami and not the fatty, greasy gristle found often on the your everyday pizza in Cape Town.

Don’t get me wrong. You know the Black South-Eater moves between the high and the low, and there’s nothing wrong with a Butler’s pizza when you’re serial slumming (thin base margherita with anchovy and pineapple, ask them to use half of the cheese; try it and broaden your snobbish horizons). I have a soft spot for Butler’s, ever since I was a student, when I had an account as “Kaiser Strozek” (No, Kaiser Strozek, not Keyser Söze), and their pizzas have always, ever since, arrived hot and in less than 30 minutes. But should Mitico get a delivery service, Butler’s will be toasted cheese. Unless they name my favourite pizza “The Strozek.”


As mentioned earlier, the pasta was also delicious. Again, that mildly tart, non-sweet, non-greasy tomato sauce and the lingering burn of the chilli. I swallowed down mouthfuls whenever Voronki looked the other way.

As a smoker with dulled taste buds, I like my salt on my food, and with the first mouthful of pizza, I thought it needed a bit of salt. Then I tasted the pasta and also thought perhaps some salt would liven it up. Voronki cautioned against it, wisely so, because with the second bite for both dishes, I thought it was all good. I could taste and appreciate all the flavours and, rare for me, enjoyed what I would normally consider under-salted food. I take my hat off to Gianni and to the mysterious Sicilian and his helpers slaving away in that hot, wood-fired kitchen.


I had a macchiato for afters and now I know also where to go for that little upper. Unlike at other establishments, it’s not a mini cappuccino.

So, if you’re looking for a good pizza or bowl of pasta for an informal lunch or an early, sundowner dinner, get to Mitico, take your own booze, get an outside table and watch the outlandish outfits drifting up and down Kloof.



* Thanks to Suip! for reminding about the Bone Crusher link.

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17 January 2012 at 2:43 pm

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Moodyman’s our comeback track (of the week)

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Not much of a video but it’s Moodyman enuff said.

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6 January 2012 at 12:31 pm

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Rosé i-Say

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Rosé, we tell you is the new hip thing, last year it was Pinot Grigio, the year before that Cava and peachy Prosecco but this summer it’s that pinkish, blush that we all chose to ignore because it was a little bit naff but my how things have changed. The quality for is so much better you don’t need an ice bucket and a big garden with ducks leisurely, dawdling by to enjoy this drink anymore, now you can drink it all year round, it in fact tastes better in winter just like good Gelato.

 Because we at the BSE  like to keep you ahead of the pack, we have prepared our first list of 2012 and it’s a list of our three favourite Rosés…drum roll, please:

 3. Odd Bins Mourvedre

 We like our Odd Bins and Checkers haven’t disappointed with this one at 30 Z-A-R, easy to drink, stock up while the shelves are full before it all disappears.

 2.  The Strawberry Rosé 2011 (Mooiplaas)

 Their ‘other’ label but this one is in no way inferior or less fun, it retails for around 42 Z-A-R

 1. Kanonkop 2010 Kadette Rosé 

The winner by a country mile and the best Rosé that we have consumed this summer. It’s well priced at 42 Z-A-R, undervalued really but please don’t go spiking the price now and is soft, dry and delicately fruity on the BSE palette.

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6 January 2012 at 12:27 pm

O’ways en vogue

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It’s my new favourite shop, stuck just behind Cavendish Square in Dreyer Street Claremont that is where you will find O’ways Teacafé.

As their website points out: Oways is a unique environment where the combination of several of the finest elements of life : tea, coffee, tasty food and relationships come together to generate and promote a pure and positive energy that not only resides within the walls of the Teacafé but also radiates out through the joy and connection experienced by its satisfied customers. Please join us for an experience that will not only delight your palette but will also lift your spirits!

 There isn’t much else to add, except perhaps that the omelets are the fluffiest in Town, the tea experience seductive, the service warm and welcoming and that Lisa who runs the show Oways likes to chat. I typically wouldn’t drive out to Claremont for a cup of tea unless it’s High Tea at the Vineyard Hotel but now I do, now I get in my car a speed down the highway to get to my new favourite shop. It’s not a traditional teahouse, it’s a Teacafé, which is something slightly different as it combines the best elements of both café society and the traditional tea ceremony Feng Shui, you could for instance pick up ORIGIN coffee beans there if you so choose but it’s all about the tea.

They have a delightful menu to enjoy while savoring your tea, Chef Marion Kumpf and her team have created a simple selection of Asian influenced cuisine, everything that I have had on the menu has been superb but the Taiwanese Dan Bing pancake omelet with roasted chilli dip is a must as well as the Dim Sum.

The last time that I was there they sold me rose petals, typically I had to have a slightly bespoke order but this wasn’t a problem, they divvied up their pack and I was able to buy 100g of rose petals to flavour my green tea, it’s that kind of place nothing is too much trouble, here’s hoping that they will Oways be in fashion.

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6 January 2012 at 11:46 am

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Posh Nosh

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All of the Posh Nosh episodes are now available on YouTube, Richard E Grant our favourite Withnail is in top form in this the pilot episode.

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5 January 2012 at 2:58 pm

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The BSE has been renewed for a Second Season – {Citation needed}

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Exclusive: The Black South Eater has been renewed for a second season {Citation needed} those two Mad Men will shortly return to write about food, music and whatnot {Citation needed} after successful discussions were held in a CBD hotel over the festive season where it was decided to bring back your favourite food blog (god that sounds so boring) {no Citation needed} for an encore.

RK was not available for comment {Citation needed}.

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5 January 2012 at 2:54 pm

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